Poker Night


Texas Hold’em Tournament Series - Last Monday of the Month

New series starts August 2018

The Game

     Players will be able to play in a total of 6 tournament nights, with a chance to earn points to play at the week 7 Final Table. Two tournaments per week will be played. Each tournament will be FREE to enter. Prizes to be given away each week. Cash awards and prizes to be given out at the final table. Remember this is FREE to enter. First Game begins at 7:30pm.



Great way to learn how to play. Beginners Welcome


>>>>>Final Qualifiing Poker Standings after week 6<<<<< Click Here

   Points awarded as follows:

1st Tournament of Night:                                                  2nd  Tournament of Night:

1st - Automatic seat at Final Table                                      1st  - 500 points

2nd - 300 Points                                                              2nd - 300 Points

3rd - 150 Points                                                               3rd - 150 Points

4th - 75 points                                                                 4th - 75 points

5th - 50 points                                                                 5th - 50 points

6th - 25 points                                                                 6th - 25 points

7th - 15 points                                                                 7th - 15 points

20pts. for playing.                                                            20pts. for playing.

6 automatic winners and top 6 point winners, that have not automacticly advanced, will goto the Final Table.
(Must have played in 2 different weeks minimum to Qualify)
Bonus Chips may be aquired by the purchase of a food basket – ($500 in chips), and ($100 in chips)
for each Beer purchase. 

         Dodger Bowl - North Bend, Ne 402-652-3752